Get to Know Oak Ridge

Like most people, we want to make a good first impression. And, we hope for ongoing opportunity to become friends. Maybe you are just looking for our Meeting Times and Location. That comes up next. Then you’ll find answers to several Common Questions. If you’re interested, please scroll down a bit and let us describe our Sunday Worship and what you can expect on a visit to Oak Ridge.

Times & Location

Sunday morning Bible classes begin at 9:30 and worship begins at 10:30. Wednesday night we begin serving supper at 5:45, gather for a song and prayer at 6:30, and then go to Bible classes from 6:45 to 7:30.

What to Expect

Depending on your background and experience some parts of our service may seem a little different:

During Family Prayer Time we invite members and visitors with specific prayer concerns to approach one of our Shepherd couples standing around the room, or a friend in the room and share a heartfelt request then pray together. Folks not huddled for prayer sing a couple of songs during this time.

We share Communion sometime during the first half of every service. In addition to remembering Jesus’ life, death, resurrection, and return, this “meal” emphasizes that God has adopted us and brought us together as family. We welcome everyone as a guest at Jesus’ table.

Most of the time we sing a Capella (without instruments). We enjoy and appreciate this traditional singing style that enables every voice to be heard. We hope you will appreciate the feeling of community it creates.

Sunday Worship

Following Bible classes, we bring all ages into a room at the center of our building with seats for a little over 300. We gather and visit with handshakes and hugs. Some carry in a cup of coffee or a bottle of water and maybe a piece of banana nut bread someone brought to share. Usually a song calls us to find our seats and begin worship.

Each week the order differs a little, but there will be a mix of Scripture reading, singing, praying and a sermon or lesson from Scripture to help us understand and apply God’s wisdom to our lives.


Check out some of our most frequently asked questions and answers.

We like to describe Oak Ridge as comfortable. Most of us prefer clothes on the casual end of the spectrum. In the Bible, James strongly encourages hospitality regardless of someone’s appearance. So, whether you come in t-shirt and board shorts, or suit and tie, or something in between, we want to welcome you here.

Worship is for everyone. Hopefully all of us sing and pray and read and listen and think. But, we also invite folks of different ages and backgrounds to help with our service. During worship one of our daughters or sons may hand out friendship bread to visitors, or serve communion, or say a prayer, or read Scripture aloud for us. During, the sermon, 2 to 4 year olds may enjoy Wee Worship. And, K-3rd graders may join Faith Finders children’s worship.

Just before Jesus was crucified, he shared a Passover meal with his twelve disciples. During the meal, Jesus asked his followers to remember him through two symbols borrowed from the Passover Seder. Each Sunday (Jesus’ resurrection day) we share these symbols of unleavened bread and wine (grape juice) to reconnect with the life-changing power of Jesus’ death, resurrection, and anticipated return.